Hackathon @ Pachube

Just a quick temporary post before I get my head down. We had a ton of fun at Pachube’s first international hackathon.

I built one of the first Pachube Apps called “Averager”. It takes any user-submitted gas and electricity datastreams (kW only) and posts 15 minute averages on feed 22414.

This is rather crude to say the least but it works thanks to stirling help from Ben and Paul. (Writing jquery when knackered is not my strong suit). Code samples are needed and I’ll post one in due course if no one else gets there first.

Future plans include making the results secure to participants only. (The basis for socialmeter.)

I need to sort out a couple of things such as picking up submitters’ icons and doing a nice visualisation (another Pachube app using websockets – watch this space). [PS. Have done a multi-stream graphing tool and will put it up when I figure out how.] Hopefully the icons can be referenced through with the app’s “user” attribute. If “Install App” is not extensible this could be done with an email dialogue.

My big question is how to make the app configurable so that each group of users will have their own feed for averages. The answer seems to lie within Pachube Groups once I have permission to create and maintain one (Ben please). The group will give registered users access to the Averager feed which will otherwise be private.

So all these features of the platform show the usual Pachube prescience.

Add some “how to” here. Basically just find apps on beta.api.pachube.com, log in and follow the instructions. Psychic powers always useful. It’s under the heading of “mashups and converters”.

… to be continued …

Enjoy :-)

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