LinkedIn and XING (Network Application Connectivity)

Which online business network to choose – that’s the question. Obvious candidates are LinkedIn, Xing and ecademy, all of which have nice features. LinkedIn has many more of the people I want to connect with and has very low spam levels so it’s the one I naturally favour. I have thought for a while that it could do with IM and presence indicators like Skype but I can live with using the two in tandem – they don’t conflict.

Xing just announced an API – I know little about this yet but it’s a development I’d been watching for. The existence of an API (and therefore a partner network) on Sykpe is a very strong and useful feature. I have tested the assertion that one can easily interface applications to Skype – my only gripe is that the best documented way of doing this is not cross-platform. I did my first tests in VB to get a quick result but the way forward has to be the Java API.

Wouldn’t it be nice if LinkedIn added an API (cross-platform). This would then be one network checking all the boxes of low spam, strong community and having great integration possibilities. I hear they are also doing well business-wise which augurs well for longevity as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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