OpenID vs. Identity Discussion

Great little “mashup*” event last night in London organised by midentity and BT. The advertised theme: Identity 2.0: my digital identity is an asset, but who owns it?

This is a huge topic so, predictably, the conversation was all over the place. This is no bad thing as these are issues that need an airing.

The demo of OpenID did not seem to convince the audience, despite Simon Willison’s undoubted command of the topic and the technology. (Remember not to fall into the same trap with even more sceptical audiences.) IMHO it could pass the “Mom test”.

I would have liked more discussion about balancing the issues of convenience, risk (privacy etc) and cost as people seem to jump onto one issue and ignore the others. Maybe a paper is needed to set this out. This is reminiscent of the early days of SOA (another large topic).

I’d also like to get into more discussion about preventing fradulent OpenIDs by requiring a tighter process around their issue. I will take this up with one or more of the OpenID Providers who we might want to recommend.

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