Airsome with added BLE

A year after we showed a hack version of Airsome at OTA2013 we have still not got serious funding to make a product of this.  A number of other takes on the idea of mobile AQ monitoring have hit the streets but, so far, they don’t float our boat.

We have an ongoing conversation with others interested in the project, amongst whom is the maker of some sensors with respectable accuracy.  This was worth waiting for as the cheap sensors are inadequate for most serious purposes. We just got a sample of one of these sensors and integrated it using BLE.

In this blog I’m going to cover the next steps involved in rebuilding the app to connect to sensors via Bluetooth LE, a.k. Bluetooth Smart.  I won’t go into BLE here as there are numerous posts out there.  However, amongst its many great features it promises to become a universal peripheral interface – sort of a wireless USB.

2014-11-18 15.20.44The above is the “Blend Micro” from Red bear Labs. This is a combination of a Atmel processor and a Nordic Semi BLE chip.  It can be programmed with various IDEs, including the standard Arduino one.

2014-11-22 16.59.29

Firing up the app again, with help from Cordova and the BluetoothLE plugin from @randdusing we see the familiar heat map from the original demo.  I don’t think we’re converting the data correctly but you can nevertheless see effect of speed (slow is red).  Next step is to calibrate the sensors properly and produce something a little more meaningful.

To be continued …

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