Webinos event and thoughts arising

Webinos is a platform for IoT integration with a number of interesting characteristics. It is being created in a large EU project in such a way that it can become a W3C standard at some point in the future.  See the workshop background for a little detail.

I attended a “mashup” event on webinos in Oxford this week. This consisted of overview sessions and demos findery. It was well-organised and held at a venue within the CS department.

My take-aways included:

  • Webinos is directly aimed at the very interesting challenge of horizontal integration of diverse devices across different environments.
  • The architecture address the need to discover and control access to devices by users who are not the device owner
  • Both access control and device discovery are distributed with no single point of failure.
  • The implementations (incl. RPi and Android) are based on node.js. A smaller c-based version is under development.
  • There is quite a lot of overhead in the above so the model allows a single instance of the platform to manage a number of lower power devices via custom drivers.
  • Driver-writing seems to be a fairly ad-hoc process at the moment.
  • The demos I saw did not really showcase the heterogeneity that the architecture promises – but these are early days.
  • PS. (How could I forget?) I did not hear anything about semantic standards.  Yes there are common APIs and something for device naming but this did not feel complete. Apologies if I missed something.

I hope to get to further events to be able to better understand how this could be applied to real applications.

They are open to “affiliate” membership with few requirements other than meeting W3C criteria.

Amongst other things I did not discover is the relationship to the Compose project, also creating a relevant platform.

It would be great to be able to assemble a feature comparison for all the platforms aspiring to (horizontally) integrate the Internet of Things including this and likes of:

Anyone think of a way to get some resources onto this?

Watch this space.

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