Open Source Junction at Oxford, March 2013

OSJ is an annual event run by OSSWatch, based at Oxford University

I attended for the first time this year following an invitation on the OSHUG mailing list.  These are brief notes on the content of this two day presentation-based event.

Intro: Mark Johnson and Scott Wilson of OSSWatch

Paul Tanner: Overview of Open HW vs. SW. All kinds of OSHUG plugs

I ended on discussion of what’s broken about IoT. Mostly about software not hardware but I’m always happy to discuss and looking for supporters.

Intros: 1 minute per person – useful as these don’t happen often. Maybe we should do this at OSHUG or have a membership list with links. Maybe a linkedin group?

Andy Piper: Gave a talk about the work of the Eclipse M2M group. Some useful contributions towards IoT standardisation are going on there. See Eclipse PAHO.

Richard Hughes: Colorhug. An interesting story about commercialising his own-designed Colourimeter.

Paolo Di Prodi Panstamp. A very interesting OS HW product with DIL form factor including an Atmel processor and an 868MHz radio using the TI chipset. They also have very interesting software for a Linux-based gateway such as RPi.

Andrew Katz reprised his recent talk at OSHUG in more detail. Fuller discussion of licenses for Open Hardware. Examples included:

  • river simple http//
  • protei sailing drone
  • open relief drone

Kevin Safford. Personal project fxstat to create care package for his mother; candidate for an Extreme Blue project.  Can use help on this, especially technical.

Richard Melville. Nice small box running Mint Linux. Can run on batteries.

Adam Cooper: Excitable media w. cellular automata. Small boards in array. Battery driven

Scott Wilson: Funding options. Some discussion ensued.

Andy Piper: Education should embrace computers again. Mentioned, Quicktowire.

Mark Johnson: Developing an OSH Community.

Url for slides etc.

All in all well worth attending and I’ll try to go next year.

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