CurrentCost Bridge – Hackless

Since I’d hacked the other one I thought I should try out the device as intended. Ordered from Amazon and the kit arrived promptly. Simple to just plug it all together. Went to register it on and had an issue caused by my account having been used with another bridge device. Got some help from @yellowpark and re-registered again. Started working straight away.

In the device panel if a link so that you can activate Google Powermeter. Clicked that and filled in a small form. It then took me back to my rather than to google. After googling around for a while I found the powermeter page. Then added it to my igoogle.

What’s really nice about this is that you can also access it from Pachube and from there graph it however you like. In my case I can combine it with gas from another monitoring device to see a more complete picture including outside temperature. (Note: this capability temporarily suspended but I hear it will be back soon.)

I have noticed that my other monitor gives me a significantly different figure for today’s kWh. At first look the CC appears to be under-reading by about 10% – this may be because of the power factor. To be investigated.

Hopefully one of the monitor gadget companies will support pulsed meter connections in due course. Then those who don’t want to design their own graphs can play too.

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