Pi story begins

The thing about the Pi is not just that it’s a cheap volks-computer but that it’s already attracting a cult.  This was one reason why I wanted to attend the 1st London Pi Jam (meetup) last night.  I was also reading NESTA’s report on the impact of the BBC Micro on the way to town and back.

At the Jam the beginnings of an ecosystem were appearing including a port of the historic RiscOS and experimenters kits from @skpang_uk.  Organiser Alan O’Donohoe @teknoteacher did a splendid job of running the session in a style reminiscent of a preacher – highly appropriate.  Great that teachers including @pegleggen were presenting and kids were there (not enough but it’s a start).  Update on #youngrewiredstate given by @neilcford

Involving kids is crucial. I was no more than 8 when I starting making things.  You could not buy a computer then but you could try to make one.  The NESTA report addresses on this to good effect.  It’s how people get the inspiration to a career in science or engineering.

The icing on the Pi was a great venue provided by Mozilla (@bevangelist spoke of #summerofcode) and jam scones by @rslosek.  Perhaps even more satisfying was the happy coincidence of being allowed to place my order for Pi (9 weeks delivery) the very next morning.

Now I am thinking of what my first Pi project should be.  Obviously hardware will be involved.  Will be following #ciseco and @quicktowire who, among others, are also cooking up goodies to assist hardware projects around the PI.

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