Open IoT Assembly June 16-17th

Not my preferred way to spend a weekend but I wanted to support the initiative and I think a useful start was made.  Many aspects were good: venue, overall organisation, networking opportunities etc. Fri/Sat would have been better days for getting more people there.

The results are published. A lot of comment also coming in on the twitter feed. See also a writeup of the 2 days from @9600.

A lot of groups are thinking about best practice in all kinds of forums and many papers have already been circulated so I wonder whether we need another initiative.  However, the outcome of the weekend was to invite a broader participation – I could not disagree with that.

So I’ll follow this unless and until a better initiative turns up.  It can be successful if there is:

  • recognition of the whole picture including overall architecture, applications, scenarios/ use cases, testing, certification etc.
  • involvement of a community of potential “user” organisations (sorry, still don’t have a better word for them)
  • links with all the other activities in this space

We’ll see what happens and I’ll make a point of tracking the next steps and giving further input.  I’ll try to assemble a list of the other initiatives as I think this should have been done beforehand.

2 thoughts on “Open IoT Assembly June 16-17th

  1. Hi Paul, it was very nice talking to you this weekend. About the SWE standards, have a look on the website of 52north (, there you will find more usefull information on implementations. Check also OGC OWS testbeds. Google on OGC OWS Sensorweb or SPS (sensor planning service) Another thing is that PUCK protocol I was talking about, see Hope you find it usefull!