Introductory Course on MBED

Went on this course earlier in the week, kindly sponsored by RS and organised by the ESP KTN. The concept was impressive and it all worked well (apart from a rather major oversight concerning internet access which, for this course, is essential).

My own interest is around the thought of where do we go when Arduino runs out of steam? It’s excellent for educational purposes but has a few limitations when you want to field-test prototypes. MBED looks like it could be the answer. This course looked like a way to get things moving.

The kits handed out include the MED dev module and a great little breadboarding kit from Cool Components.

The MBED IDE is online which has advantages. This is acknowledged not to suit people who want to configure their own tool-chains. Hoever, it’s just fine for the likes of me who just want to get on and build some protoypes.

Simon Ford of ARM presented the main part of the course (at RS premises). He certainly knows his stuff and kept us moving at a good pace. The course materials are online and contain loads of worked examples – important for a fast start.

Strongly recommended for anyone about to do their first MBED project. No need for in depth knowledge but C++ experience useful.

Since then have been looking at more robust prototyping options. Seem to be plenty available, eg from Cool Components.

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