Jatrobot at OTA2012 Bletchley Park

Off we went to Station X for another OverTheAir mobile hack event.

The event was of the usual high quality with great sessions and people to hack with.  Our project was aimed at disruption of the farming industry – an idea courtesy of @herx.  This went pretty well and was recognised in a couple of the awards. Presentation slides here.

This collects soil temperature, moisture, GPS coordinates and other data in the field and transmits them to Cosm in real time.  From there, various real-time visualisations can be seen on a web page or tablet device.

The technologies included were Android, Arduino, various sensors, Cosm and javascript (for the real-time visualisation).  Although we could have used a USB/GSM dongle for the real-time comms we chose an Android phone instead as that provides GPS and other useful sensors.

More on this to follow…

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