Trialling Smart Heating Controller

Readers will have seen many mentions of my dissatisfaction with conventional heating controls. Even recent installations are primitive and consequently wasteful of energy unless you are minded to adjust the controls *daily* to compensate for weather and occupancy patterns.

So I have been waiting to make some changes. If I could not buy the necessary kit I decided I would have to make it. This is less fun than making monitoring gadgets as in a family home it *has* to work.

When Passivsystems announced a relevant product I tried to get one. However, it was clear that this was not aimed at consumers as I could not get the basic information needed to decide on an investment of almost 1K.

Enter a new player, Telepure, with a device that is not on the market yet but is clearly aimed at consumers. After a few discussions with the founders of this UK startup I wanted one and was offered the opportunity to trial a pre-production model. Yesterday we got it installed and running, replacing the timers and thermostat I had before and utilising mostly existing wiring. The largest part of this task was to replace cables that were wrongly installed by “professionals”. We hackers want things done properly.

Results: too early to say. However, I can say that I have no second thoughts at the moment. Watch this space. Telepure are at Ecobuild this week.

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