Smart Heating Control Continued

As described in my last post we are pleased to have Telepure’s “Intuition” system installed and running well. It is now running with 5 sensors around the house and I get real-time reports so I can see what’s happening at a detailed level. My ongoing task is to adjust the targets so that we are not overheating the air or water. We have seen that the system hits these targets with precision and properly compensates for the external temperature.

I have raised several points relating to the interfaces both for end users and for “energy stalwarts” like me who want confidence that the automation is delivering the results we need. Being one of the few trialists means that I get a great response to questions and suggestions. Going forward, the company is talking about a user forum and this will allow a scaleable way of dealing with the likes of me.

So far I have mainly used still-protoype web interfaces to access the system because flaky phone coverage means I generally use (cable) Internet when at home. I also like my large screen for graphs etc. However, I will also evaluate the smartphone interfaces in due course. It was good that I was able to easily construct reports that showed the Intuition’s data and other real time data that I collect on that same graph.

As this system reaches market the company faces the acid test of whether people will buy the payback proposition. However, with all the data being collected, this should not be difficult. I am building up measurements so that I will be able to talk numbers in due course.

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