OSHCamp 2012

OSHCamp 2012, arranged single-handedly by @9600, was a significant jump forward from the first Open Source Hardware Camp in 2011.  Part of the secret was holding it in the beautiful Pennine town of Hebden Bridge.  This meant that, if you were in, you were in for a proper 2 days; no sloping off home. Andrew’s blog gives a good overview.   See also Rain’s blog and the twitter hashtag.  I’m sure others are being written as I write.

I won’t try to do an overview here – see the above – but I will make some observations about the parts of the event in which I participated.

My contributions related to Android Accessory Development.  This was easier to talk about than do as I had not installed Eclipse on a PC before and that was one of the first things we needed to do.  Next time I’ll try to make sure we have the answer to that one.  Of course it builds fine on Eclipse on my Mac but that was cold comfort in the circumstances.

A rather more successful contribution was Omer Kilic’s talk and workshop on interfacing to Raspberry Pi.  I regretted not attending this (hard to do when running another workshop) as I have got my Pi now and, naturally, I want to interface it to stuff.  Fortunately, I was able to get hold of a kit from sponsor SK groupspaces Pang and some demo code.  See his website for a more complete kit and the code. Jeremy B kindly cut my SD Card with the recommended Black Raspberry distro (much appreciated since I’m a Mac user and probably don’t have the necessary tools installed).

With this kit, workshop participants were able to led LEDs flashing and read an analogue voltage and a calibrated 3-wire temperature sensor.

Since the event I was able to grab a few hours to replicate the workshop I had missed.   The code and diagrams mentioned above were a great help.

I also downloaded and compiled node.js (server-side javascript platform), my prototyping system of choice. This took several hours on the pi while I got on with other work.  Node runs OK but I/O libraries are limited to GPIO at present.  I will see if I can find or develop libraries for I2C and SPI.

Thanks again to the organiser, speakers, sponsors and all participants for a great event.

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