On Blogging

In preparation for a session at The Richmond Group tomorrow I’m making some notes about my blogging experiences.

My business opportunities generally come by word of mouth so my network is more important to me than overt promotion. I also need to know people who have complementary skills so I can deal with the widest reasonable range of client requirements. For these reasons I thought it useful to engage with others via a variety of online mechanisms such as a blog, linkedin, twitter etc. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction but online discussions are important to supplement this. Nevertheless, given that there are 126 million blogs out there why create another one?

  • Not to generate leads because for that you need a clearly-defined proposition. Could do multiple editions but …
  • Partly to engage with people with common interests in areas that I’m looking into. I follow a lot of blogs and it’s good form to reciprocate.
  • Largely to thoroughly understand the possibilities and the technology (such as it is) of social media so as to be able to advise clients who want to make better use of it in their own businesses. CPD essentially.

My experience:

  • WordPress was a good choice as it’s widely supported. Lots of themes and add-ons available.
  • This blog does its job. But nothing that a few extra web pages wouldn’t do.
  • I still don’t see the point of blogging “regularly”. Better to say something if you have something to say.
  • I should have put more energy into the branding. I ended up with a bit of a mishmash, but at least only one mishmash.
  • I still need to deal with spam properly. I currently disabled the comment facility but it’s on my to-do list to restore it with a CAPTCHA.
  • Glad that it was implemented it on our own server as I learned more that way. This approach enables integration with databases etc. Others may want a hosted installation for an easier life.
  • I wasted some time in adapting the “theme” (look and feel) but have since found outsourcer(s) who do a better job for less.

It will be interesting to get feedback from the session and I may return here to add any observations.