Homecamp April 09

Another great day out with the homecampers, kindly hosted at Bash and organised and sponsored by various worthies including @yelllowpark (he of the t-shirt) and @monkchips.

An unconference but not really? Who cares – it worked.

My own take-aways (no particular order):

  • Streaming via ustream – I think this is the right link
  • Hooking up to projector – cable issues
  • Reactiongrid – (incoming) sound issues
  • Incoming presenter – (outgoing) sound issues
  • Currentcost – some discussion with Martin about protocol/ handshake. He’s generously offered another piece of kit.
  • Joe Begley house c/o http://www.greenenergyoptions.co.uk/ very cool solution and possibility of free trial
  • Gave my little talk on what I’ve done so far and where I want to take it
  • AMEE fairly focussed in what they do (watts) but could be hooked up via pachube
  • Ask jamieandrews about leak detection
  • Possible use of commercial flow meters for water (may be complications). Various products at Farnell. Despite suggestion nothing useful on Brita either.
  • Pachube have atom format. Need to develop an app to get 4 traces on graph.Can fix my broken interface by adding min/max to EML.
  • dopplr have something to help reduce travel energy costs (tripit too?)
  • Onzo developing smart energy kit for later this year.
  • Flukso have done some great stuff with their box (built inside a wifi router) and analysis software http://www.flukso.net/. Need correct URL for company.
  • Need to look at http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/ data logging and graphing system for time series data.
  • Checkout Arduino mega http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardMega
  • Also look at alt microcontrollers that (will) run linux so we don’t have to develop and RT/OS and rewrite drivers for arduino.
  • Useful input from @folknology on microcontrollers – check out his OHH and the ARM-based http://beagleboard.org/. (Later @ohh there was talk of creating an even better board.)
  • Some work at Oxford on power signatures??
  • Reactiongrid seems like a very useful alternative VE for education. Minimal talk on this.
  • http://redcatco.com/ 6 factors in influencing outcomes
  • Pity I missed Techcrunch’s Geeknrolla
  • Need to discuss structure of homecamp wiki with @yellowpark. Should have separate registration so we get fewer trivial updates and have pages for each meeting plus resources and applications plus links to people profiles if poss. Can’t offer to do this yet but maybe later.

This is a draft. To be corrected.